Health means the world to us

Algengur misskilningur er að hreinsun sé bundin eingöngu við safa því raunin er önnur. Við hjá Móður Náttúru bjóðum bæði upp á hreinar safahreinsanir, safa- og súpuhreinsanir. Allir ættu því að geta fundið hreinsun sem hentar þeim og liðið vel á meðan hreinsun stendur. 

- Our juices and shots are fresh, made from high quality fruits and vegetables. They are cold pressed, high pressure processed and natural.

- Súpurnar okkar innihalda lífræna kókosmjólk og mikið magn af grænmeti sem gefa þér góða fyllingu og auka orku þína yfir daginn.

Beginner or experienced?

You can choose between a 1,- 2- or 3 day cleanse, depending on your previous experience of cleanses, whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

- The Juice cleanse contains 2 shots and 6 juices

- Safa- og súpuhreinsun inniheldur 1 súpu og 6 safa

Öllum safa- og súpuhreinsunum fylgja leiðbeiningar með nákvæmum tímasetningum fyrir hverja máltíð sem auðvelda þér að halda plani á meðan hreinsun stendur

Make your self feelgood!

You are supposed to feel good while cleansing and we recommend adding raw foods to the cleanse if you are feeling hungry.

Here are some examples of good snacks.

- Apple/apple with sugar free peanut butter/apple with hummus

- Carrots/cucumber/celery/radises

- Raw salad

- Nut mix/almonds/seeds

- Raw porridge 

FAQ (Frequently askedquestions)

Yes, all of our cleanse products are vegan

Yes, all juices and shots are NON-GMO.

No, our juice and shots are 100% clean and cold pressed (HPP, high pressure processing).

Using cold pressure (HPP, high pressure processing) preserves vitamins, antioxidants, colour and taste in fresh juice, as well as providing longer shelf life.

All cleanses we recommend cleanses, rests, and improves
digestion, decreases bloating, inflammation and edema in the body, resets the body and gives it a chance to cleanse tissues and rebuild itself, improves the
quality of sleep, increases energy and improves healthiness of the skin.


January is a great month to begin cleansing and resetting the body after the holidays. A 3 day cleanse is convenient every now and then, for example in the beginning of the week after an unhealthy weekend while a 5 day cleanse is a convenient way to reset the body a few times a year.

The cleanse should not be thought of as a weight loss method. However, it can help reset the body and decrease sugar cravings and other unhealthy cravings. All of Mother Nature’s cleanses contain around 1000-1300 calories per day and therefore you can experience weight loss because the average person normally intakes more
calories than that every day.

The goal is not to make yourself feel unwell. You should in fact feel good and you should not experience unbearable hunger. If you feel unwell we recommend adding some raw foods into the cleanse. You can find many good raw recipes for example on pinterest. We also recommend adding snacks such as an apple, an apple with
sugar free peanut butter or hummus, carrots, cucumber, celery, radishes, raw
salads, nut mix, almonds, seeds or raw porridge.

With all our cleanses come instructions with specific time schedules for each meal which can help you maintain a plan while cleansing. You can of course adjust the schedule to your needs. The most important thing is that you finish all juices and shots before 20:00.

Headaches are common when beginning a cleanse. Experiencing lack of energy is common as well
including heart burn and caffeine cravings. You can expect urinating and sweating more than normally while cleansing, that is the body’s way of releasing toxants.